Operation Inherent Resolve

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Operation Inherent Resolve Casualty January 8, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – A U.S. service member was killed while operating construction equipment during non-combat operations in Jordan on Jan. 7, 2017. Further information will be released as appropriate. MORE

ISIL leader killed in Syria January 6, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA--A Syrian-based ISIL leader and facilitator, was struck and killed by a Coalition precision airstrike Dec. 31, 2016, in Raqqah, Syria. MORE

Department of Defense Press Briefing by Colonel Dorrian via teleconference from Baghdad, Iraq January 4, 2017 — CJTF-OIR Spokesman U.S. Air Force Col. John Dorrian briefs the Pentagon Press Corps MORE

Operation Inherent Resolve Casualty January 3, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA - A Coalition service member was killed in a non-combat related incident in Iraq, Jan. 2. The service member's name and the circumstances surrounding the death will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities. The incident is under investigation. MORE

CJTF-OIR Monthly Casualty Report January 2, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA- During the month of November 2016, CJTF-OIR received 16 new reports and assessed seven previously received reports of possible civilian casualties resulting from Coalition strikes in Iraq and Syria in the fight to defeat ISIL. Thirteen of these reports were assessed to be non-credible, five were assessed to be credible, and five reports are still being assessed. Coalition strikes are defined as strikes conducted by ground artillery or air strikes conducted as part of the Coalition Air Tasking Order. MORE

ISIL using protected sites to fire on ISF January 1, 2017 — At the request of the Iraqi Security Forces, the Coalition struck an ISIL mortar tube, which was firing on Iraqi Security Forces in East Mosul, Jan. 1. A precision guided artillery round hit the mortar tube in between two empty school buildings. No civilians were in the area and minimal damage was reported to the buildings. MORE

Coalition strike results in possible civilian casualties December 30, 2016 — SOUTHWEST ASIA- During operations to liberate Mosul on Dec. 29, a Coalition air strike struck a van carrying ISIL fighters observed firing a SPG9/RPG recoilless rifle before loading the weapon in the van and driving off. The van was struck in what was later determined to be a hospital compound parking lot resulting in possible civilian casualties. MORE

Iraqi Mosul Offensive Resumes December 29, 2016 — SOUTHWEST ASIA - Today, with Coalition air and artillery support, the Iraqi Security Forces announced that several elements of the Iraqi Army, Federal Police and Counter Terrorism Service initiated a simultaneous advance along three axes in Mosul to defeat ISIL. MORE

Death of Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti December 29, 2016 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – On Monday, Dec. 26, Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti, an ISIL gang leader in Raqqah was struck and killed by a coalition airstrike near Tabqa Dam, Syria. MORE

Iraqis air drop ‘Letters to Mosul’ December 23, 2016 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – The Iraqi air force air dropped four million letters to the long-suffering residents of Mosul Dec. 22, to provide them courage and support while they await liberation from ISIL. MORE

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