Operation Inherent Resolve

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Syrian regime forces pass stranded ISIS convoy September 8, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – At approximately 7am GMT Sept. 8, Syrian pro-regime forces advanced past the 11-bus convoy of ISIS terrorists and non-combatants in the eastern Syrian desert. MORE

Coalition removes ISIS leaders from battlefield September 7, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – Coalition airstrikes killed two senior ISIS leaders near Mayadin, Syria, Sept. 4. The removal of these key ISIS leaders disrupts ISIS's weapons engineering activities. MORE

CJTF-OIR transitions commanders in the mission to destroy ISIS September 5, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk II, III Armored Corps Commanding General, assumed command of the Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) from Lt. Gen. Stephen J. Townsend, XVIII Airborne Corps Commanding General, during a Sept. 5 ceremony here, which hosted an audience of hundreds of U.S. and Coalition Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. MORE

ISIS convoy remains in Syrian Desert September 5, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – Today is the seventh day ISIS fighters and their families have spent with a bus convoy now stalled in the Syrian Desert east of As Sukhnah. MORE

SDF clear Great Mosque of Raqqah September 4, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – The Coalition congratulates the Syrian Democratic Forces on the successful clearance of the Great Mosque of Raqqah, Sept. 2. MORE

Coalition Update on ISIS Convoy September 2, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – After turning around and heading back west from the Abul Kamal area, the convoy of 17 buses containing hundreds of armed ISIS fighters and their families remains in the Syrian Desert between Humayma and As Sukhnah. MORE

CJTF – OIR Monthly Civilian Casualty Report September 1, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA-In the month of July, CJTF-OIR carried over 424 open reports of possible civilian casualties from previous months and received 68 new reports resulting from Coalition strikes in support of partner force operations to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. MORE

Iraqi government announces liberation of Tal Afar August 31, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – The global Coalition to defeat ISIS congratulates Prime Minister Al-Abadi and all Iraqi Security Forces on their stunning victory in Tal Afar and Northern Ninewah Province, Aug. 31. MORE

Coalition Statement on ISIS Convoy August 31, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – The Coalition was not a party to any agreement between the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Syrian regime and ISIS. Russian and pro-regime counter-ISIS words ring hollow when they cut deals with and allow terrorists to transit territory under their control. MORE

ISF begin offensive to liberate Tal Afar August 20, 2017 — SOUTHWEST ASIA – "The Global Coalition against ISIS welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi's statement earlier this morning announcing the launch of the offensive to liberate Tal Afar and the remainder of Ninewah province and northern Iraq from the clutches of Da'esh" said U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the commander of U.S. and Coalition forces MORE

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