French Air Support to takeover Hajin

By CJTF-OIR PAO | Jan. 12, 2019

On December 7th, 2018, the Rafale from the French Forward Air Base in the Middle East participated to a decisive mission to regain a command center occupied by ISIS members, in Hajin, Syria.

Three months of fighting were needed to overcome the resistance of an ISIS major command center in Syria. Originally, the building was an hospital but ISIS transformed it into a military command post.

For several weeks, coalition’s aircrafts undertook close air support missions, to support Syrian democratic forces on the ground. The French Rafale delivered bombs on enemy fire positions. Acting in safety conditions, they destroyed enemy mortars.

From the French Forward Air Base in the Middle East, Rafale crews realize approximately 20 air missions per week. They continue their engagement against the last terrorists’ grip.

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