Carter Lauds Denmark’s Expansion of Counter-ISIL Role

| DoD News, Defense Media Activity | April 20, 2016


Defense Secretary Ash Carter today welcomed the decision by the Danish Parliament to expand Denmark’s role in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. 

The decision is “a welcome contribution from a valued partner in the counter-ISIL coalition and another sign of the growing momentum for the campaign to defeat ISIL,” the secretary said in a statement.

A Steadfast Partner

“Denmark is a steadfast partner in global coalition efforts,” Carter said. “Its contributions, including strike aircraft, air defense radar, and training and assistance to Iraqi forces, have already been significant.”

Denmark’s renewed and expanded role in the military campaign -- including the authority to participate in the full spectrum of combat operations in Iraq and Syria -- will further increase the military pressure on ISIL, the secretary said. Denmark will provide important resources to help ensure security and stability in areas freed from ISIL control, an essential element in dealing ISIL a lasting defeat, he added.