News Releases
Operation Inherent Resolve non-combat related casualty
February 20, 2017

Iraqi Security Forces Begin Operations to Liberate West Mosul
February 19, 2017

Coalition forces strike five-story facility in Mosul
February 18, 2017

Nearly 5,000 Iraqis complete Coalition training
February 17, 2017

Iraqi War Media Cell issues new guidance for media covering Mosul offensive
February 10, 2017

CJTF – OIR Monthly Civilian Casualty Report
February 2, 2017

Iraqi government announces liberation of Eastern Mosul
January 24, 2017

Coalition airstrikes destroy ISIL boats fleeing from East Mosul
January 22, 2017

Air Assault, All American brigades complete Transfer of Authority in Iraq
January 19, 2017

Iraqi CTS secures key buildings
January 13, 2017