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CJTF-OIR partner ensures first humanitarian aid delivery to Rukban since January

By CJTF-OIR PAO | Nov. 4, 2018


Maghaweir al-Thowra, a partner of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, provided security to ensure the safe delivery of thousands of tons of U.N. humanitarian aid to the Rukban internally displaced persons camp near At Tanf, Syria, today.


“The security the MaT provided to the U.N. humanitarian aid convoy was instrumental in ensuring roughly 55,000 people received lifesaving aid,” said Maj. Gen. (UK) Christopher Ghika, CJTF-OIR deputy commander. “We also want to express a deep gratitude to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for their essential role in delivering to people in dire need of any assistance. We continue to stand ready to enable future delivery of U.N. humanitarian relief to the people of Rukban until they are able to return home as we pursue our mission of an enduring defeat of ISIS.”


Enabling the delivery of this humanitarian aid provided life-saving relief to people seeking shelter from ISIS.