Media Advisory: Instructions for CJTF-OIR media coverage

| Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve | Nov. 19, 2016

The purpose of this advisory is to provide a brief update on media operations in northern Iraq and what media representatives can expect from the Iraqi security forces and Coalition public affairs elements. The Iraqi War Media Cell, based in Baghdad, has developed four Iraqi Media Operations Centers throughout northern Iraq. The IMOCs serve as a primary information source and the focal point for the interface between the ISF, Coalition and the media. These IMOCs also provide a coordination mechanism to media seeking access to Iraqi and Coalition forces in northern Iraq.

It is important to note the Iraqi War Media Cell is the lead for communicating operational progress in Mosul and facilitating interaction with all Iraqi security forces. Coalition public affairs support will focus on facilitating interaction with Coalition forces that are supporting the ISF. When fully established, the MOCs may be able to facilitate:
 -Weekly Iraqi press briefings
 -Bi-monthly joint press briefings
 -Visits to recently liberated territory with ISF
 -Response to queries
 -Media pool opportunities for:
          > Interviews with ISF and Coalition senior leaders
Interviews with ISF and Coalition service members
          > Visits to ISF and Coalition operating bases

Baghdad Media Operations Center
Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – OIR
Union III, Baghdad, Iraq

Coalition Point of Contact
Lt. Col. Joey Sullinger
Public Affairs Office
DSN: 318-239-1363
Asia Cell: +964 772 984 2779

Camp Swift Operations Center
Makmour, Iraq

Coalition Point of Contact
Maj. Ireka Sanders
Public Affairs Office

Q-West Media Operations Center
Qayyarah West, Iraq

Coalition Point of Contact                                              Coalition Point of Contact
Lt. Col. Alison Hamilton                                                 Maj. Chris Parker
Public Affairs Office                                                       Public Affairs Office
US International Cell: +1 757-286-5331                        US International Cell: +1 757-289-9573
Asia Cell: +964 773-428-4584                                       Asia Cell: +964 773-428-4584                           

Media tours available upon request with completion of media visit packet.

Erbil Media Operations Center
Erbil, Iraq

Coalition Point of Contact                                              Coalition Point of Contact
Lt. Col. Donald Troxell                                                   Master Sgt. Joey Thompson
Public Affairs Office                                                       Public Affairs Office
Asia Cell: +0751-615-8643                                            Asia Cell: +0751-615-8643                               

Iraq Media Point of Contacts
Iraq War Media Cell                    MOD Spokesperson                Peshmerga POC
Brig. Gen. Yaheiya                      Brig. Gen. Tahseen                 Lt. Ahmed
07901117228                              07822095598                          07507572289

Ninewa Operations Center
BGen Firras

For your safety

The CJTF-OIR public affairs mission is to facilitate media coverage to the best of our capabilities. However, as Coalition support to the Iraqi security forces is primarily in the form of air support, and advising and assisting, we do not have the logistical capabilities to provide basic life support, transportation, security, emergency assistance, or medical aide to media in northern Iraq. Media are strongly discouraged from attempting to go to the front lines on their own. Even with coordination with the IMOC and travel with Iraqi security forces, travel to and within northern Iraq is and will be inherently dangerous.

Media should not attempt to enter areas of Mosul where active military engagements are taking place. In an urban combat environment there is the strong possibility of becoming isolated or cut off from friendly forces. In the first month of the operation, there were four instances of media requesting aide or assistance on the battlefield. The Coalition must reiterate its position and ensure the clear understanding of all media - the Coalition is not in a position to render aide or assistance on the battlefield. Any assistance required should be coordinated through the Iraqi security forces. The Coalition cannot guarantee your safety, will not be in a position to provide protection or security to media on the battlefield and will not be responsible for media who find themselves in danger on the battlefield.

Additional Details for Journalist to Enter Iraq

New policies have been issued by the Iraqi war media cell for journalists to enter Iraq and travel around Mosul. Prior to arriving at Baghdad International Airport, journalists must apply for a media visa.
 -To obtain visa, journalists must provide an official memo to the Iraqi visa authority along with an official memo issued by their media outlet addressed to: Republic of Iraq / Communication & Media Commission CEO Office. It must bear a request to enter Iraq, the duration of the stay, the purpose of visit and the full name of all journalists.
 -Media must then obtain the CJOC-Baghdad approval to travel around Iraq. This can be obtained via email request form bearing full name of journalists, list of equipment, make, type, plate number and driver's name of vehicles, starting date and purpose of request (interview, embedding with ISF unit, location they wish to visit/enter.)
 -For those already in Erbil, and in possession of a visa, but not having authorization, they must provide the official memo and request form that we will give to the Communication & Media Commission via the Iraqi WMC.

Please see contact list above for Coalition PAOs who can help facilitate your coverage in northern Iraq. When requesting support or visits please ‘CC’ the CJTF-OIR Press Desk at, Maj. Christopher Parker at, and Sgt. 1st Class Jose Colon at to ensure your requests are fully tracked and supported to the best CJTF-OIR’s capabilities.

Syria Media Engagements

At this time we are not able to facilitate media coverage of the Syrian Democratic Forces’ advance to isolate Raqqah. There are still ongoing discussions with plans for a MOC within Syria in support of the Raqqah operations. We will provide guidance as soon as we have something concrete.