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Coalition, partners combat COVID-19
April 19, 2020

Prevention is the key to stopping COVID-19
April 18, 2020

Physical Distancing, Close Coordination: Coalition and Defeat Daesh security partners meet over video teleconference
April 17, 2020

ISF, Coalition blast ISIS hideout
April 17, 2020

Coalition departs TQ Air Base, transfers equipment to ISF
April 4, 2020

Coalition provides COVID-19 equipment in NE Syria
April 4, 2020

Operation Inherent Resolve non-combat related casualty
April 1, 2020

Coalition departs K1 Air Base, transfers equipment to ISF
March 29, 2020

Coalition transfers Q-West base to ISF
March 26, 2020

The Coalition recognizes Women’s History Month
March 25, 2020