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Operation Inherent Resolve non-combat related casualty
May 5, 2020

French fighter jets use new camera configuration to zoom in on ISIS
May 3, 2020

Bombs away! Coalition airpower demolishes Daesh cave complex
May 2, 2020

Coalition observes ANZAC Day
April 30, 2020

Coalition delivers truckloads of supplies to combat COVID-19 in northeastern Syria
April 27, 2020

9 AETF-L Welcomes New Commander through Virtual Ceremony
April 21, 2020

Coalition Surgeon Discusses COVID-19 Measures
April 20, 2020

Coalition, partners combat COVID-19
April 19, 2020

Prevention is the key to stopping COVID-19
April 18, 2020

Physical Distancing, Close Coordination: Coalition and Defeat Daesh security partners meet over video teleconference
April 17, 2020