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This Syrian-born U.S. Soldier is using his background to save lives
November 2, 2020

Coalition, SDF efforts to improve local capacity in Ash Shaddadi, Syria
October 26, 2020

Reports of U.S.-led CJTF Coalition Attack on the Turkish-Syrian Border are false
October 24, 2020

CTEF program equipment helps Iraqi Air Force control their skies
October 18, 2020

CJTF-OIR Statement: Coalition aircraft destroyed Daesh camps in Badiyah desert, Syria
October 5, 2020

Red Devils show resolve during Middle East deployment
September 19, 2020

Bradleys arrive into Syria to support OIR mission
September 18, 2020

Coalition welcomes new commander, continues mission
September 10, 2020

$5 billion with a B: The Global Coalition invests in the future of Iraq, Syria
September 4, 2020