News Releases
CJTF-OIR, partner forces liberate additional Syrian villages
January 19, 2019

CJTF-OIR, partner forces further reduce ISIS influence
January 15, 2019

Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve Monthly Civilian Casualty Report
December 30, 2018

CJTF-OIR continues partner support to Defeat ISIS
December 25, 2018

Coalition Forces support Iraqi Security Forces with airstrike against ISIS
December 22, 2018

Iraqi Security Forces conduct air strikes against ISIS
December 17, 2018

ISIS continues to use protected facilities for attacks
December 16, 2018

Coalition forces, remain committed to enduring defeat of ISIS
December 15, 2018

ISIS Actions Lead to Loss of Protected Status
December 10, 2018

CJTF-OIR, partner forces continue the fight, degrade ISIS capabilities
December 4, 2018