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NEWS | Nov. 30, 2016

Lt. Gen. Townsend holiday season message

By Lt. Gen Stephen J. Townsend

The holiday season is a special time of year for our service members, civilians, and their families around the world. Our nations ask a lot of each of us throughout the year, and we know just how difficult it is to be away from family, friends and loved ones during the holidays.

This year, millions of Iraqis and Syrians are able to celebrate the New Year in peace, free from ISIL's brutality because of your efforts. Let's keep up the fire throughout the holidays and ensure this is not a happy New Year for ISIL, and that it is the last New Year they spend in Mosul and Raqqah.

Just as we here support our partners on the ground in Iraq and Syria, thousands of our nations' sons and daughters are standing watch around the world, unable to spend the holiday season with their loved ones. Continue to look out for those around you as well. Not everyone will be able to make it home and the holidays can be a difficult time of year for some. We are one big family that remains stronger together. "Live on Amber" so you can keep yourself and others around you safe during the holiday season. You are important and the CJTF-OIR and your nation needs each one of you.

Whether your holiday plans involve heading home or staying here in theater we hope you are able to enjoy time with family and friends or comrades in arms, and most importantly, be safe, and ready to continue the mission in 2017.

Happy Holidays! One Mission, Many Nations!

CJTF-OIR Star Note for Holiday Season.pdf