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NEWS | July 13, 2018

Coalition and Iraqi artillery supports Operation Roundup

By CJTF-OIR Public Affairs

SOUTHWEST ASIA -- South of Sinjar, Iraq near the Syrian border, Iraqi and Coalition troops lived and worked side-by-side for more than a month as they shelled Daesh in Syria.

Fire Support Base Um Jorais, a temporary artillery position, was established June 1 by Iraqi and Coalition artillery units to support ground forces in Operation Roundup, the campaign to accelerate the defeat of Daesh remnants.

Troops at "FB UJ" provided vital fire support to ground forces engaging Daesh as Iraqi Security Forces tightened border security, preventing desperate terrorists from fleeing the battlefield.
Iraqi Air Force F-16 fighters concurrently supported operations with cross-border strikes on Daesh targets in Syria.

As part of its defeat-Daesh mission in Iraq and Syria, the Coalition and its partners position assets in response to changing conditions on the battlefield, allowing them to achieve the best possible effects against Daesh.

Iraqi troops began moving guns out of Fire Support Base Um Jorais July 4 in a phased withdrawal. Coalition artillery and support functions followed, enabling clearance of the position after 34 days of combined operations.

The Coalition is committed to working by, with and through partner forces to achieve the lasting defeat of Daesh and helping to set the conditions for stabilization operations in Iraq and Syria.