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NEWS | Jan. 13, 2019

Sergeant Clément, Heavy Weapon instructor at Task Force Narvik

By Operation Chammal

For the last two months, Sergeant Clément is on mission in Baghdad to support the instructors of the Iraqi Counter-terrorism Training Academy. He provides advice during technical and tactical instructions in the field of heavy weapons, his specialty within the French Task Force (TF) Narvik. After having trained the Iraqi instructors for eight weeks, he is now checking the outputs during a synthesis exercise called integration phase.


Sergeant Clément was deployed throughout the month of December in Beshmaya, an Iraqi training camp incorporating a firing range, where a coalition base is located. Each week, he was dealing with the equivalent of a company (about 75 soldiers) on various working groups conducted by Iraqi instructors, working alongside Spanish instructors. Days and nights, he was ensuring a fluid and appropriate gesture, continuing his work of advising the Iraqi army: "The Iraqi instructors lead the workshops. We always stay in the back, having them to conduct the instruction. We intervene only in case of necessity. The goal is to encourage their autonomy. We then share with the Iraqis our observations, always with the objective of improving their maneuver and their tactical sense. "


This experienced NCO is satisfied with the added value he brings to his counterparts. That was particularly the case for the urban combat exercise. When he is not on the field, sergeant Clément dedicates his free time to maintaining his physical condition and does not forget his other goals: " I devote myself to the preparation of my BSTAT (French qualification: Brevet Superior of Technician of the Army). On my return to France, my 2nd level specialty training will start. I am aiming for this exam for next summer, which will provide me with new opportunities for my career”. But right now, this dynamic NCO will supervise another instructor training course called: High intensity Close Combat on the TF Narvik to develop the fighting techniques of Iraqi instructors.


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