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NEWS | Jan. 28, 2019

Task Force Wagram in the heart of the battle of Hajin

By Operation Chammal

Engaged within the international coalition since September 2016 as part of Operation Chammal, Task Force Wagram carries on with its action in supporting Syrian Democratic Forces ground troops in the Middle Euphrates River Valley, the last territory occupied by the ISIS terrorist group. Task Force Wagram gunners played a decisive role in the fight around the city of Hajin. In December 2018, enemy assaults attempted to break through the defensive lines of the Syrian Democratic Forces. These ISIS attacks were stopped with the help of the French artillery. Using high-tech equipment with the ability to fire six rounds per minute, and served by skilled artillerymen with unique combat experience, the French artillery proved to be, alongside its allied counterparts in the coalition, an essential fire support for ground operations, contributing to the destruction of the enemy's combat potential.


In total, nearly one hundred enemy positions were destroyed by ground and air assets of Operation Chammal, including fifty armored vehicles, heavy weapons and machine guns. The combined action of French military facilitated the progression of the Syrian Democratic Forces in Hajin.




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