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NEWS | Jan. 28, 2019

Close Combat Training at French Task Force Narvik

By Operation Chammal

During four weeks, French Task Force Narvik instructors conducted a High Intensity Close Combat Training (C4) course at the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism School. The objective is to train Iraqi instructors in close combat, enabling them to train their own soldiers. This training was set up to respond to a need expressed by the Iraqi counterterrorism forces, which want to bring their military staff with the best techniques in close combat.

C4 is actually an offensive approach to combat that gives the soldiers reflexes to beat the opponent in a single fight. In addition to learning techniques, the pedagogical knowledge should allow future Iraqi instructors to teach other subjects.

The courses are managed by two Task Force Narvik NCOs who demonstrate the teaching postures and operational situations. Both have been qualified by the National Commando Training Center in France and are now sharing their expertise to increase the capabilities of their counterparts. "We have to make sure that soldiers learn the techniques to fight as extreme missions would require. At the same time, they are given the teaching tools to conduct this type of training by themselves,” explains Sergeant Clément.

Each Iraqi trainee is assessed on his ability to learn the fighting techniques and make a course on his own, conditions necessary for the graduation as a “C4 Monitor”. Beyond the certificate, this know-how represents a direct expertise in the operations of the Iraqi counterterrorism forces.

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