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NEWS | Feb. 6, 2019

Specialists from Task Force Monsabert advise Iraqi sappers

By Operation Chammal

Warrant Officer Eric is an EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) team leader in Iraq, within the Task Force (TF) Monsabert. Deployed as part of Operation Chammal, he is specialized in the neutralization of explosive devices of all types: conventional, hand-craft, French or foreign. This expertise is the fruit of a long and demanding professional career. He had to wait until he graduated from the French Senior Army Technician School before he could get the EOD qualification.

Presently deployed in Iraq, Warrant Officer Eric's main mission is to participate in the security of the French military force. He is therefore ready to intervene or provide his expertise in case of need. This specialist is also part of the "Advise and Assist" component of Operation Chammal, advising Iraqi soldiers from the 6th Army Division in the preparation and implementation of explosives.

Warrant Officer Eric recently accompanied the Iraqi EOD on a mission to destroy several tons of discovered ammunition, including improvised explosive devices placed by ISIS terrorists. He was able to note that the Iraqi protocols were adapted and close to those implemented by the French army. According to Warrant Officer Eric, "Iraqi EODs master their work. The security conditions are gathered. "

During a second mission, it is the French EOD who destroyed their expired ammunition. Warrant Officer Eric adds: "The strong point of this mission is really the daily contact with the Iraqis. This allows us to share our experience and compare our procedures. It's an opportunity to continue learning. We are listening to them in order to guide them.”

Soon, the EODs of the TF Monsabert will organize trainings for the benefit of the units of the division, but also for the Iraqi artillery school which solicited them. These specific trainings are part of the missions of TF Monsabert, which is thus directly involved in improving the operational capacity of the Iraqi army.


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