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NEWS | Feb. 12, 2019

Specialists of the TF Monsabert within the Iraqi 6th Division

By Operation Chammal

BAGDAD – French soldiers of Task Force (TF) Monsabert are in charge of setting up appropriate training to support the soldiers of the 6th Iraqi Division.

At the age of 47, Captain Didier has spent seven weeks coaching the shooting courses that the division has requested to improve the level of the Iraqi soldiers in combat. He is immersed with the 24th Iraqi Brigade, where the only firing range of the division in the Baghdad region is located. This course involves 100 and 200 Iraqi soldiers, advised the fundamentals of shooting and setting weapons. In the balance sheet, 4,500 soldiers and executives of various regiments have already been trained, roughly a third of the workforce.

This type of solicitation is common. The TF Monsabert has already organized many training courses to improve the training of Iraqis, like those designed to train sports instructors.

First Lieutenant Piotr, second deputy of the cell and also physical trainer and sports instructor in France, currently dispenses this kind of training. He provides the soldiers with all the essential recommendations to enable them to conduct sessions independently. One example is teaching the basic principles of warming up or the notion of level group, which is essential for the progression of all soldiers.

These instructions will continue beyond the current mandate as they respond to a concrete and useful need of combat. This is how the French detachment was able to establish an authentic relationship of trust with the Iraqi army.