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NEWS | March 30, 2019

Four years of training for Iraqi troops

By Operation Chammal

BAGHDAD – Since March 2015, in addition to the fire support for troops engaged on the ground against Daesh, France has deployed soldiers in Baghdad. Their mission is to improve the command capabilities and know-how of Iraqi troops. Two Task Forces (TF), Narvik and Monsabert, with different scopes, have been set up to carry out this mission.

TF Narvik is involved in the training of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (ICTS). Iraki Special Forces are trained in fields that can be immediately used in the fight against Daesh: urban combat, intelligence, heavy weapons firing, explosive device disposal and combat rescue.  The first directives offered general and specialized instructions to young recruits and experienced soldiers. ICTS has gradually become autonomous in these areas and TF Narvik is now focusing its efforts on training executives and specialized operators while perfecting ICTS operational battalions through dedicated training courses. As a result, TF Narvik trained more than 8,000 soldiers and 300 instructors, and conducted refresher courses for more than 3,000 soldiers, which represents 25% of the training activities conducted by the coalition for the ICTS.

For its part, TF Monsabert provides Advise and Assist to the General Staff and soldiers of the 6th Infantry Division, responsible in particular for securing Baghdad.
As part of its partnership with the 6th Division, TF Monsabert has trained more than 3,300 Iraqi soldiers and more than 1,700 trainers since its inception.
Constantly evolving to meet the needs of its Iraqi partners, TF Monsabert has recently implemented cycles to assess the fundamental skills of 6th Division’s soldiers. More than 4,000 Iraqi soldiers have already been screened, allowing TF experts and 6th Division command to have an overall assessment of the level of the various regiments.
Finally, for the past 6 months, as part of its partnership with the Iraqi Artillery School, TF Monsabert has trained 330 Iraqi officers and non-commissioned officers.

Over the past four years, more than 20,000 Iraqi soldiers have benefited from the expertise of 1,400 French instructors who have taken turns in Operation Chammal, providing 150 training courses and participating in more than 200 advisory and support missions.


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