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NEWS | Oct. 25, 2021

CJTF-OIR Reconsolidates assets in shift to Advise, Assist, Enable Posture


Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve continues to transition from a tactical combat role into one that meets the advise, assist, and enable mission needs for the Government of Iraq and partner forces in Syria.

This restructure is an on-going part of transitioning from a combat role to an enabling role that includes working hand-in-hand with partner forces at the operational level through providing military support to Intelligence, Surveillance, and Joint Strike capabilities as well as command, control, and logistical support to the enduring defeat of Daesh.

“Our mission will go on, unchanged largely from what we are doing today,” said U.K. Brig. Gen. Richard Bell, deputy commanding general of CJTF-OIR. “We will continue to serve in a role of advising, assisting and enabling, at the Government of Iraq’s request. Our partners have proven to be very capable, and we remain committed to transitioning our forces and assets from a combat role to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh.”

The task force will continue to work with partner forces, jointly assessing needs. Recently, a Coalition F-16 combat unit returned home to Belgium, as local partner forces have proven their capability and capacity to conduct air support and strike capabilities. This was demonstrated by a recent mission by the Iraqi Air Force, who conducted 25 airstrikes in Wadi al-Shai, Kirkuk, destroying 5 Daesh hideouts, according to Gen. Yehia Rasool, the spokesperson for the Iraqi Security Forces.

“We will continue to see examples like these, where partner forces are coming together for a common purpose: to ensure Daesh remnants are soundly defeated, and never allowed to return,” said Bell. “Some examples will be very visible, such as the movements of materiel containers, or a redeployment of combat units. While equipment may transition, our determination to deliver the very best of support to our partners remains unchanged.” 

While some combat-related equipment to and assets will naturally transition out of theatre, OIR officials stress the mission to defeat Daesh will continue beyond Dec. 31, 2021, at the specific request of the Government of Iraq. Coalition forces will maintain the inherent right of self-defense.

Operation Inherent Resolve’s mission is to conduct partnered operations in designated areas of Iraq and Syria in order to defeat Daesh and set the conditions for follow-on operations to increase regional security.