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Live Fire Exercises In Syria For February
February 5, 2023

Live Fire Exercises In Iraq For February
February 2, 2023

CJTF-OIR Commander Condemns UAS attack near al-Tanf Garrison, Syria
January 20, 2023

Live Fire Exercises in Syria for January
January 1, 2023

Live Fire Exercises In Iraq For January
January 1, 2023

CJTF-OIR Assists Partner Forces in Operation
December 29, 2022

Coalition Forces Conduct Controlled Detonation in Syria
December 26, 2022

Live Fire Exercises in Iraq for December
December 15, 2022

Condolence Statement by CJTF-OIR Commander
December 14, 2022

Fifth Anniversary of Iraq's Liberation and Victory Over ISIS
December 10, 2022