Deputy Commanding General of the Combined Joint Forces Land Component Command – Operation Inherent Resolve

Brigadier General Francesco Maria Ceravolo was born in 1962 in Catanzaro. In September 1981 he joined the Military Academy in Modena, and subsequently completed the Infantry Officer training in 1986, to be assigned as a First Lieutenant to the 23rd Bersaglieri Infantry battalion in Tauriano. His regimental duties in the Infantry battalion include three years as Rifle Platoon Commander and two years as Rifle Company Commander.

In the period 1990-92, he served as Company Commander at the Infantry and Cavalry School in Cesano.
In the period 1992-94 he was assigned to the 1st Bersaglieri Infantry battalion in Civitavecchia during which he deployed as S3 chief to the Military Support to Civilian Authorities Operations in Sicily and Sardinia.

From 1994 to 1996 he attended the Army Staff College in Civitavecchia, and was subsequently assigned to Rome as a Staff Officer in the Army General Staff-Personnel branch. His contingency deployment throughout this period included a tour of duty in Bosnia as Military Assistant to the IFOR Deputy Commander.

In 1997 he attended the Joint Services Command and Staff Course, in Rome.
In 1998 he took the position of training Chief Section within the Italian Land Component Command HQ based in Verona.

In 2001 he became the 67th Bersaglieri Infantry Battalion Commander and deployed in Kosovo as Battalion Commander of the Italian-Romanian Task Force.
He returned to Rome in 2002, as Staff Officer in the Army General Staff-Personnel Section and in 2003 served a tour of duty in Iraq as IT JTF DCOS OPS as part of operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2006 he became Chief of the NCO’s employment office within the Army General Staff and participated to the Operational Planning Group for the UN “Interim Force Mission” in Lebanon.

He took command of 1st Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment in 2008 and in 2009 he posted in Afghanistan. During this tour, he deployed in the Shindand Province, as Task Force Center Commander as part of Operation “International Security Assistance Force” (ISAF). As a Regiment Commander he also provided Military support to the Italian Civilian Authorities in Campania, Calabria and Abruzzo.

Throughout the period from 2010 to 2014, BG Ceravolo served as Chief of the training and employment policy of the Army General Staff during which he took part to the Operational Planning Groups for the operation “Unified Protection” in Libya and the “European Training Mission” in Mali.  

In September 2014 he became Commander of the Italian ISTAR Brigade and since 29 August 2016 he is also Commander of the Italian Army Communication and Information Command, based in Anzio.

BG Ceravolo holds a Bachelor of Strategic Science and a Master degree from the Turin University and a Bachelor in International Relation from Trieste University.

BG Ceravolo is author of the books “The Italian military involvement in Somalia as part of the mission AFIS, 1949-1960, and several articles on the Italian Army Journal regarding the doctrinal employment of the infantry and armored Units.

His service awards and decorations include Bronze Medal to Italian Army Value for his service in Afghanistan, Italian Army Silver Cross for his service in Iraq and the US Army Commendation Medal for his exceptional meritorious service as IT JTF DCOS OPS during Operation Iraqi Freedom.