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NEWS | Dec. 10, 2022

Fifth Anniversary of Iraq's Liberation and Victory Over ISIS

By CJTF-OIR Public Affairs

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Iraq's liberation and victory over ISIS control.

During their fight against ISIS, Iraqi Security Forces demonstrated courage, heroism and sacrifice to defend their country. The battle for Mosul, the capital of the so-called caliphate, was significant and terrifying. Women, children, and the elderly were not spared from the brutality of ISIS, an enemy that does not possess an iota of mercy or humanity.

With the support of the Global Coalition, the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Security Forces mounted an operation to liberate and take back Mosul. This battle brought together all Iraqis to eliminate ISIS militarily and territorially. This was a great victory and the beginning of a prosperous future for Iraq.

What remains today is the return of all displaced people to their homes and the prevention of the spread of ISIS's radical extremist and terrorist ideologies.

On behalf of the members of CJTF-OIR, I extend my warmest congratulations to the people of Iraq on the occasion of their liberation from ISIS control, and we recognize and remember the sacrifice of the Iraqi Security Force and all those who fought for a better future for Iraq.


One Mission, Many Nations!


Matthew W. McFarlane

Major General, U.S. Army        


To view the originally-signed letter in PDF form, click here.

To view the letter translated in Arabic in PDF form, click here.